What will your
local climate be in 2050?

American Resiliency is a nonprofit that helps communities prepare for climate change.


Climate forecasts for a
resilient America

Does your community want to learn about how the climate will change where you live? Do you want to make your community stronger in the face of change? AR can help.

We help communities to prepare for a changing world

We Listen

We Listen

Centering our process and our questions around your community's values and needs.

We Listen

We Gather, Analyze and Share

Building custom climate predictions related to your community's challenges.

We Listen

We Develop

Creating response plans for defending and sustaining your community.

Move your community forward towards a strong, healthy future

We can advise your community as you put together a representative
team. The representatives you choose will work with AR to build an action plan designed for your community. Here's our three day process:

DAY  1
Raise Up Values
We'll spend a day talking about what matters to your community. What needs to stay the same for your community to feel like itself? What could change? Your answers set up AR's process.
DAY  2
Future Forecast
We'll do the research to help you understand how factors including precipitation, agricultural zones, plants and animals, and water availability are projected to change in your area, and how the changes relate to your values.
DAY  3
Response Plan
We will provide a doable plan to help your community meet your climate challenges. Plans may include crops or game species to introduce, methods to build soil resilience, businesses to encourage, and ways to handle water changes.